September 24, 2013

Playing Out The String

The Mets dropped a thriller to the Cincinnati Reds last night 3-2 in ten innings in front of dozens of viewers. The good was that Aaron Harang looked okay and Lucas Duda hit another home run. The bad is that it was just one more meaningless, unwatchable crap show of a baseball game that the Mets have played in late September. Fall weather baseball used to be fun. Even in the collapse years, at least there was a reason to watch.

But it hasn't been fun for a while now. It's been torturous and slow, with the future seeming further away every year we are supposed to be closer to it. Want a young stud pitcher? We've got him. And now we'll only have to wait one more year to see him pitch again. Want to compete for the playoffs, make a run at the division? Well, we're looking to add some pieces and grow next year, but aren't going to overpay for anything (read: spend money).

One year soon, I'd like the lofty goal for the season not to be reaching .500.

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