February 23, 2014

Stephen Drew Should Sign With the Mets

Okay, I have posted many times regarding this subject and have gone back and forth based on the rumors and sources citing Drew. Now I am completely back peddling. I apologize but this is my right.

Stephen Drew should sign the contract if it is still available and now.

Why? At $9.whatever million it is a good deal for a decent player. Is he the savior? No. Can he do a decent job? Yes and again, at that price is reasonable. Maybe Sandy could even sweeten it with a club option, pick it up or decline it based on production. I don't know if its an option but wonder if they could decline and make him a qualifying offer to recoup the pick lost from this year? Again, don't know the rules on that just wondering.

So then, what about Tejada? I was talking with @GetsThruBuckner and his thought was that Ruben could hit some against lefties. I think it is a great idea and might make him work harder and in the end Drew not playing every day might lessen his chances of his routine trip to the DL.

Your move Stephen but consider this, Nelson Cruz who does suck defensively beat you in almost every offensive category signed today for about $1.5 million less than you have been offered.
Photo Courtesy: buncee.com
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