February 12, 2014

Seems Like a Big Day for Effing Mets Jokes

This didn't take long.

Even Mike Puma for the Post also took a shot.
I did a short #Mets search via Twitter there are a plenty. And to tag onto that the jokes I read aren't just in regards to Tejada. You can find them in regards to first base, back of rotation, and the pen. The Valverde signing got it started very early this morning.

Personally, I don't see why fans are freaking out about this signing much the way they did with Farnsworth. They are both minor league deals with invites to spring training. Granted they are both past their prime but can be cut at any time and could have some upside. Jason Isringhausen I believe signed on a few years back under the same circumstances and did well. Anyone remember LaTroy Hawkins? Point is you never know. I am hoping at the very least Farnsworth makes the team. Guy with his fire could get this team going and worst case scenario we have a cage fighter out of the pen.

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