February 27, 2014

Niese's MRI Results Could Come As Early As Today

Its foolish to say that the Mets season already hangs in the balance today, because it doesn't. However, losing Jon Niese to a shoulder injury would be a brutal start to the 2014 campaign.  Niese was penciled in to be the team's opening day starter again this season, as he remained the team's most tenured starter.  He also remains their only southpaw.  He was also expected to act as a leader amongst his peers.  That all now hangs in the balance.

Per Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal, Jon Niese's MRI results could be released as early as today.  Mets fans should keep their fingers crossed for so many reasons.  When it comes to major arm injuries, shoulder injuries have a much higher risk than elbow injuries do at this point.  You'll recall what it did to former team ace, Johan Santana, who has never been able to regain his form since injuring his shoulder the first time.

Niese's injury would eat into what is likely the team's greatest strength, their starting pitching depth.  It may also impact how the Mets approach the trade market, as pitching appears to be the request of choice for the Seattle Mariners.  Those issues, and possibly even Niese's career could hang in the balance if the results are negative.  For now though, we wait.

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