February 19, 2014

Mets Want EYJ to Bunt More?

Attention all major league pitchers: Terry Collins would like Eric Young Jr. to bunt more. Nothing like letting the cat out of the bag, huh? He bunted all of six times last year and Collins feels that with more bunts he can get that OBP up to .350

"Ideally, gosh, you'd wish he'd have a .350 on-base," Collins said about Young. "I don't know if he's going to, but you hope he does. All I know is what an impact this guy made on our team when we got him. He got some big hits, made some great plays defensively in the outfield. And when he got on, exciting things happened and we scored runs. So we're certainly going to focus a lot on trying to get Eric to bunt a little bit more, maybe be a little more selective at the plate.

So this quote has me concerned. For Juan Lagares that is. Sounds like Terry could be banking on EYJ at the top of the order already and with what Chris Young and Grandy are getting paid they figure to be in the lineup everyday. Young was a nice surprise last season and a decent ball player but not sure he is an everyday player. With a lot of reps last season he exposed some flaws. But I can see where Terry is coming from. More bunts get him on base more, which allows him to steal bases and get into scoring position which is what the Mets are going to need to win games. Either way, the season hasn't even begun and TC is already alerting teams to his strategies. As if these effing Mets need to given anyone an advantage.
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  1. Good old Terry always putting his foot in his mouth! I don't like him as a manger
    anyway but letting the NL know what your plans are even before spring training
    is just plain dumb!!