February 21, 2014

Mets Catchers Will Not Block The Plate, Sadly

This is, to me, a little stupid. Of course, I'm a little biased, because I think the very idea of blocking the plate being against the rules is silliness. I know these players are investments, and I know fans pay big money to see the starters play, but this was a part of the game that led to some awesome moments and terrific highlights. This is not football; these players are not suffering from PTSD. Buster Posey missed time after a collision at home, and now that part of the game is probably going to be banned.

Sandy Alderson, along with the catchers and management, making the decision beforehand not to block the plate is even worse. What happened to laying it all on the line for your teammates? Is this not permission for all of the players to not play their hardest if they feel as though it may lead to injury? I hope the catchers fought this tooth and nail, and I hope, if the rules don't change, in the moment of truth they block the plate. It's a part of the game.

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  1. This a stupid rule that takes one of the great defensive plays away from the game. Very few catchers get concussions from blocking the plate. Buster Posey broke his ankle and as I remember Fosse fractured or dislocated his shoulder. Those injuries to catchers are the exeption and not the rule. Outfiled assists will be down and more guys will be sent home anr ERA's will go up! Nothing really good is going to come of this.