February 4, 2014

Mets Still Linked to Fernando Rodney

This rumor is still churning and I am not sure why. He is a closer plain and simple. He's wired that way and is far enough into his career that he isn't going to play second fiddle to someone like Parnell or Vic Black. The idea makes sense if there are still health concerns regarding Bobby but with the way the front office goes back and forth regarding a great many things who knows. Last we heard he will be 100% so why are we looking for a closer? I guess insurance is key especially when it comes to arms.

That being said, the only way I could see Rodney joining the Mets is if he indeed is going to be the closer and the dollars are what he wants. But what message does that send to Bobby who has come such a long way as a pitcher. Injuries happen but if healthy the job should be his. And personally, the only team Fernando might accept a set up role to is one that has an immediate chance of winning. And that isn't our effing Mets!
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