February 7, 2014

Drew Wants Opt-Out Clause In New Deal

The Mets late night revelation that they may be willing to go to three years in a deal for Stephen Drew under the right set of circumstances wasn't the only news regarding the free agent shortstop.  ESPN's Adam Rubin also reported that Drew and his agent, Scott Boras, want an opt-out clause after the first season of any multi-year deal he may sign.

This is almost undoubtedly a deal breaker for the Mets, and it should be.  Under those parameters, every ounce of leverage remains with Drew.  If he has a great year in 2014, he chooses to opt out of the deal him hopes of inking a new contract.  If he struggles, the Mets are stuck with him.  There really isn't no other way it could work out.

I take this to mean that the money simply isn't there for Drew in the free agent market right now.  You'll recall he turned down a one-year qualifying offer from the Boston Red Sox worth more than $14 million dollars.  The Red Sox are since reported to have offered him a two-year deal, but the financial terms of that offer have not been disclosed.  Its long been rumored that the Mets find themselves in the $10-$12 million dollar range.  So simply put, not one wants to break the bank, which is why he is yet to sign.

Allowing Drew an opt-out clause would allow him to retest the free agent waters, should it suit him.  Its a lose/lose situation for the Mets, and one I wouldn't expect them to pursue if he is insistent on it being a part of the deal.  This is going to be done on the Mets terms, if at all, as commented by ESPNs Buster Olney.

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