February 19, 2014

Sandy Alderson To Be Extended?

Seems as though Sandy is a glutton for punishment.

Realistically, this is a good thing. Judging Alderson for any hardships or shortcomings the team has endured over the last few years is doing him a bit of a disservice, especially with the hard financial restrictions coming to light. Given the types of limitations he has had to work around, it was unrealistic to really expect any other type of results. This news is actually pretty encouraging.

Sandy jokes, but he is a serious, proud man, and is taken seriously in the league. As he gets older, there are a limited amount of jobs that will still be available to him... His tenure here with the Mets could be his last highly visible, highly impactful job in baseball. He does not want this legacy of failure and frugality to be his lasting impression. He wants to succeed, and he wants to finish the job he started. The plan to compete has been longer than he had said, I know, but if the rotation comes together nearly as well as projected, it won't take a lot of additions to make this team a powerhouse. Sandy will be around long enough to make sure that happens.

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