February 25, 2014

Mets Signing Drew Makes Even More Sense Now

You probably read earlier reports from the Mets world and at Effing Mets that Ruben Tejada has yet again underwhelmed the Mets Brass. This coming off the heels of him spending two months this winter at a fitness camp in Michigan. This makes two years in a row that he hasn't impressed the organization when he desperately should have. There are also reports indicating that the Mets might re-engage the Mariners to acquire Nick Franklin and the names floated in a deal are that of Rafael Montero and Jacob deGrom.

Based on this latest information there is ZERO reason that the Mets shouldn't sign Stephen Drew. And more importantly meet his asking price or darn near close. This is two freaking years in a row that Tejada can't get his act together. Does Sandy and the gang just think some kind of magic is going to happen and we will have the second coming of Jose Reyes? Fat chance and pun intended. Seems like the guy (Tejada) could care less at this point. Signing Drew to a 2-3 year contract allows the Mets to have a solid presence as SS while allowing other minor league prospects to develop and not be rushed. Montero and deGrom can be kept and put to good use or part of a package for someone better than Franklin on down the road.

Get off the pot already Sandy!
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  1. I like Franklin. He is under 6 years control. Met fans have to realize
    you have to trade 1 of your good pitchers to get something of value.
    Montero is a decent prospect but not a guarantee starter in majors.
    Hard to find an infielder with pop, young and under control. I wouldn't
    deal with Boras at all.

  2. They are going to have to deal with Boras sooner than later. Matt Harvey.


  4. Mets made good progress in off-season but signing Drew would be the icing on the cake. Give him 3 years and $30 million already and stop playing games with the fans.

  5. With what the Mets have, Drew is only a Band-Aid...if that!!!