February 4, 2014

Met Still Have A Shot At Drew?

Another week goes by and question remain about the fate of free agent shortstop, Stephen Drew.  Seemingly linked to him all winter long, the Mets last week downplayed the likelihood of upgrading shortstop position.  The seem to believe that Drew will find a better opportunity elsewhere for more money than they are comfortable committing.

While that still may be true, there is a new round of information that suggests the Mets may not be out of the running just yet.  First and foremore, ESPN's Jim Bowden reported yesterday that the Boston Red Sox have offered Drew a two year deal.  To date, it is unknown what the financial terms of that offer are.  Also unknown, is the role the Red Sox are asking Drew to play.  Peter Gammons of MLB Network hypothesized yesterday on television that Boston would like Drew to play a combination of infield positions, seemingly serving as their backup at second, third and short.

That may not be ideal for Drew, despite the fact that Scott Boras has told teams he has a willing to play positions other than shortstop.  Gammons also told his television audience that he still believes that Drew will eventually sign with the Mets.  This is seemingly out of left field, since little to nothing has been said about Drew since the Mets declared themselves out of the race.

Its been reported time and time again that the Mets provide Drew with the best opportunity to play every day at his primary position, shortstop.  He provides at least a moderate offensive upgrade and is capable solidifying the team's defense up the middle.  The questions remain whether or not the Mets have the money, if they are willing to spend it and for how long. 

With the Toronto Blue Jays, Oakland Athletics and Minnesota Twins now sniffing around on Drew, it still remains unlikely that this issue is resolved anytime soon.  My prediction has long been the first or second week of spring training.  That allows for another vacancy to open up due to injury, while still giving Drew enough time to be prepared for the start of the year.  I'm still not sure whether the Mets are a realistic option for Drew, but they have a shortstop in Tejada and are more than willing to wait Drew out.

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