February 10, 2014

Mets May Or May Not Be Talking To Drew

In the ongoing saga that is the Mets attempt to sign Stephen Drew, there are some conflicting reports out right now in regards to whether or not the sides are even talking right now. The last fall-out point in negotiations seems to have come when Drew and his agent, Scott Boras, requested an opt-out clause for the contract.

At this point, late in the offseason, Drew is going to have to find work somewhere. It seems more and more like turning down the qualifying offer from the Red Sox may have been a misstep by his Boras-led camp. His best opportunity for a daily starting job might be with the Mets, and that works in the team's favor. However, we're getting pretty close to Spring Training, and it's time to act for both sides. I would like to see Drew on the team; the argument that he doesn't make them a playoff contender and isn't worth it is a silly one. Good teams are built through small, gradual improvements, not by signing two big stars.This team currently has only replaced Marlon Byrd and Matt Harvey with Granderson and Colon, so to expect them to be better than last year right now is not reasonable. They need to add more talent, and Drew gives them the opportunity to do that.

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