February 22, 2014

Its Matt Harvey Day..Sorta

Today, for the first time in four months Matt Harvey will be allowed to pick up a baseball and throw it. Unfortunately, he won't be throwing it for strikes in the high-90s with little to no run support. Instead he will be throwing lightly, about twenty times from a distance of 60 feet.

This marks the next step in Harvey's road to recovery from the Tommy John surgery to repair a torn UCL in his throwing arm, that ultimately ended his 2013 season. The good news is that Harvey is on time, if not a little early in his rehab. The bad news is he is still probably 13+ months away from throwing in a meaningful game when he returns to the Mets to open the 2015 season, barring any serious setbacks.

For now though, we should take what we get. It appears that media will be in our ear all season long as Harvey rehabs. To be quite honest, I'm not sure Harvey would have it any other way.

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