February 7, 2014

Mets Lose Out On Rodney, Who Signs With Mariners

For the second time and a month, the Mets have been unable to land a high caliber relief pitcher. First they lost the bidding war for Grant Balfour, who eventually signed with the Tampa Bay Rays. This time, they're unable to retain the services of Fernando Rodney, although there has been no indication the Mets made a contract offer in this case.  Rodney chose Seattle and their two-year, $14 million dollar contract offer.  He signs for two million more than Balfour did.

I still find it difficult to Think the Mets could have brought one of these guys in, if there was no guarantee they would be the team's closer.  The Mets remain intent to provide some level of security for Bobby Parnell, who is working back from season ending neck surgery.  The thought it that if healthy, Parnell will retain his closer's role.  That could do plenty to deter both Balfour and Rodney, regardless of the money involved.

This basically settles the "closer" market.  If the Mets are going to bolster their bullpen, I would now expect it to come in the form of quantity over quality.  Look for several minor league deals to be dealt out that include invites to major league spring training.  Thus allowing the Mets to pick the best low cost, high reward guys to round out the bullpen for 2014.

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