February 3, 2014

Mets Still In The Market For A Closer

Per a report by  ESPN's Adam Rubin, the Mets remain on the prowl for a closer type.  Citing a source from outside of the organization, it is believe the Mets have set aside money to make such an acquisition and that the addition of Kyle Farnsworth earlier this afternoon doesn't change the teams plans.

It is believed that Fernando Rodney may be the team's first choice, but others to include Kevin Gregg, Ryan Madson and/or Joel Hanrahan could all be options.

If they continue to go this round, its reasonable to assume that the team has come concern for Bobby Parnell and his recovery from season ending neck surgery.  Parnell resumed baseball activities last month and believes he will be ready for opening day.  However, the Mets appear less confident.  Regardless, the more quality arms the better as the team's bullpen has been a question mark in recent years.


  1. Am I going insane? They have a very good collection of pitchers on the roster and more coming in the minors. There are three guys who could and/or have closed before.
    But, they can't hit.
    So they're still obsessing over more pitching? Ridiculous!

    1. Like I mentioned above.. only think I can conclude is that they're concern about Parnell's health