February 12, 2014

Why Not Cruz?

     While Mets' fans around the country scream for a Stephen Drew signing, I can't help but wonder why more fans are not interested in Nelson Cruz.  Cruz's suitors have been significantly decreased as the winter has crept along which means his asking price surely has also decreased.  The Seattle Mariners seem to be the most logical landing spot for Cruz at the present time as they have proved this winter that they are not scared to spend big dollars and have an open spot in the OF.  However, with his suitors diminished I can't imagine him getting more than a 3 yr deal worth between $12-13 million.  Drew, who is by far the inferior offensive player is looking for the same type of deal.  With a team starved for offense I feel Cruz is by far the better option.  A potential 3-4-5 of Wright, Granderson, and Cruz would be significantly better than anything the roster currently has.  Sure, Drew is a nice player and would be a welcomed addition.  However, Nelson Cruz would add more of the offensive punch that this current Mets team is lacking.  Think about folks!


  1. Would have been nice but the Mets signed the Great Chris Young.

    1. if he is such a prize why is he still unsigned? Hmm