February 3, 2014

Matt Harvey Granted Free Agency

This morning the Daily News is reporting that Mets injured ace Matt Harvey and his supermodel girlfriend Anne V. have parted ways. Normally something like this wouldn't be news unless you're Derek Jeter, but Harvey has been a fixture in the tabloids since being spotted with the leggy blond at a Rangers game in May.  Harvey has been out there so much, it has recently drawn the ire of WFAN's pet gremlin, Joe Beningo.

Personally, I don't think Anne V. is all that.  I don't see the hype. I'm not saying I'd kick her out of bed for eating cookies. But I don't think it's hard for Harvey to find an upgrade.  I also tend to find people that don't use their last name are pretentious snobs anyway.  So I'm glad to see her go for several reasons.  The first is so I can stop hearing about it.  Secondly is that Harvey was a persistent violator of the man code "Bros before Hoes".  If I were one of Matt Harvey's friends, Id be pissed that he was getting all these premium seats to hockey and basketball games, and was wasting them on his girlfriend.  Harvey recently tweeted a picture of him and 3 other dudes at the Stadium Series game between the Rangers and the Islanders. I'm sure his pals are happy to be back to doing what dudes do.

As is typical in celebrity break ups, it's reported that they split amicably and remain friends.  Whether that's true or not, who knows.  Frankly, who cares?  I'm curious as to why this happened.  I wonder if maybe someone in Harvey's inner circle finally got through to him and told him he's getting a little to big for his britches. Maybe he came to the realization that he's a stud and he doesn't need to be tied down. At least it's the end of a story that just wouldn't go away.  In honor of the end of an era, I present to you a pictorial retrospective of the relationship of Matt and Miss V. accompanied by some music to set the tone.  I apologize to those who shed a tear. But remember, it is better to have loved and lost, than to not have loved at all.

(If you're viewing on a mobile device, the music may not work.  If thats the case, just sing It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday by Boyz II Men out loud while viewing the pictures)

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Bye, Anne V.


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