February 5, 2014

Mets Still Believe Drew Is A Long Shot

Another day..and some new Stephen Drew rumors.  Yesterday's claim by WFAN Radio's Mike Francesa that the Mets had offered a contract to Stephen Drew was followed by a flat denial, which was first reported the New York Daily News, and later confirmed by the New York Post.  The Post dug a little deeper to learn that at least one official within the organization believes that the Mets remain a long shot to acquire Drew's services.

As spring training nears, so too does decision time for the thirty-one year old short stop.  Still in search of three or four-year contract, the only known offer out to him at this time is a two-year pact from the Boston Red Sox.  The caveat of that deal is that it provides not guarantee that Drew would remain their starting shortstop.  That may be the Mets lone position of leverage in this pursuit as it remains unlikely the Mets will top Boston's offer, but can offer Drew the starting shortstop position.

Despite recent reports of the Toronto Blue Jays, Oakland Athletics and Minnesota Twins keeping tabs on Drew, only the Mets and Red Sox appear to remain in constant contact.  Do that necessarily improve either of their chances? One can never tell with Scott Boras involved.  With that said, I would expect this to come to a close for better or worse in the next two weeks.  Boras has waded through the winter waiting for a market to developed for Drew and the Mets have waited out the market in an effort not to overpay for his serves.  At this point Boras' demands remain outside of the Mets price range, but they remain interested and will continue to monitor the situation.

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