February 5, 2014

New Met Young Under HOF Tutelege

According to Adam Rubin Chris Young spent a week and a half working with HOFer Rod Carew this offseason. Carew is quoted as saying part of Young's problem is that he tries to pull everything. They worked on using his hands more, tracking the ball, and not trying to muscle it so much.

 Said Young: “If you focus more on your average, the power will always be there. If you’re squaring the ball up more consistently, the power will come. ... ‘Consistent’ in my eyes is .280 and up

I like his thinking here. I have watched Young since his days of playing in Arizona when I lived there. No doubt he has power but he has never hit for average and .280 seems lofty. I think the fan base would be happy if he hit around .250 belted 20 homers and batted in 65 or better all while keeping his high level of defense. It is refreshing to hear about a player who knows he has a flaw and seeking out one of the best. 

Photo Courtesy of: ESPN
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