February 13, 2014

Mets' Alderson Talks Finances Again

Here we go again. The Post and various other media outlets are reporting that the banks that have issued the Mets loans are keeping them on a payroll restriction. A claim that Sandy Alderson denies. He is quoted as saying the current payroll is just north of $85 million which if memory serves me correctly is similar to last year. That said they unloaded some big nasty contracts for two (who I won't name) who never saw the field. We have added Chris Young, Curtis Granderson, and Bartolo Colon to major league contracts along with Kyle Farnsworth and Jose Valdverde on minor league contracts with zero guarantee of making the team out of camp.

The latter of the two coming off the heels of "missing" out on Grant Balfour and Fernando Rodney to rumored similar deals. And then there is the ongoing saga of the Stephen Drew situation be it money, years, opt out clauses, etc. I then meander over to see what Adam Rubin is saying to find this:
Unlikely? I think it is more like guaranteed and while the fan in me wishes that weren't the case if it is true then fine. I don't like it and it won't make me cheer on this effing team any less but whatever. I just want this season to start so we can talk about who is doing well, who isn't, and what we as fans are getting for our $85 million payroll.
Photo Courtesey of: NYPost
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