February 5, 2014

Mets Still Showing Interest In Fernando Rodney

As was reported by ESPN's Adam Rubin a few days back following the signing of Kyle Farnsworth, the Mets remain interested in signing a veteran reliever with closing experience.  The veteran reliever in their sights appears to still be former Tampa Bay Rays closer, Fernando Rodney.

In his two years with the Rays, Rodney has accumulated 85 saves.  Despite those strong numbers, the Rays chose to turn to Grant Balfour, to the tune of two years/$12 million dollars.  Its reasonable to think that Rodney could command a similar figure, with some projections going as high as $15 million over a similar term.  Such a deal would show a pretty strong commitment to shoring up the back end of the bullpen.  However, the Mets will have to navigate at least two other teams to make it happen.


Perhaps I'm the only one, but I don't understand why Alderson would make such a significant financial commitment to a role that the team already technically has filled.  I realize that Parnell's health may be a question mark, but dropping $6+ million on another reliever just seems excessive to me.  With that said, should Parnell struggle, having someone like Rodney waiting in the wings would be a luxury.  However, with the holes that this roster has, it just seems to me that the money could have been spent more effectively elsewhere.

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