February 25, 2014

Tejada Is Still Out Of Shape?

The New York Post is now two for two in generating what will be the story of the day this week, with Kevin Kernan reporting that the Mets are not overly impressed with Ruben Tejada's offseason transformation after spending two months at a Michigan fitness camp.  Kernan cites an anonymous (of course) source, who states that Tejada "looks pretty much the same."

Its a curious article, considering the Mets are yet to play a single game this spring.  Tejada seemingly passed the eye tests upon reporting to camp, definitely looking more slender if not borderline muscular.  That's a distinct departure from the doughy shortstop who struggled last season.  With that said, passing the eye test doesn't mean he'll play better and that's what really matters to the Mets who are still in search of a long term answer at the shortstop position.

It figures to be a rough camp to Tejada between stories such as this and what can only be characterized as an uncertain future.  The team continues to monitor the Stephen Drew situation and has now been tied to trade rumors for young Seattle shortstop, Nick Franklin.  Transformation or not, Tejada may be auditioning for a role off the bench regardless of how well he plays this spring.

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  1. Here's a thought. Maybe Ruben Tejada is just a an average guy in average shape with average baseball skills that Sandy Alderson didn't think he'd have to deal with in 2014.