February 25, 2014

Mets Won't Be Alone In Pursuit Of Nick Franklin

It was bound to happen,but the Mets can now be certain they won't be the only ones who come calling if and when the Seattle Mariners choose to trade Nick Franklin.  As mentioned right here earlier this morning, the Mets are expected to reengage the Mariners regarding Franklin later this spring.  Per a report by Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, they won't be alone.

Heyman cites "sources" that the Tampa Bay Rays have entered the discussion for Franklin and even goes as far as saying that the Rays may match up better than the Mets, as a result of previous discussions between the teams that centered around David Price.  Its fair to note that the Rays usually have a formidable farm system, however they were ranked in the middle of the pack (behind the Mets) this past fall by Baseball America.

Adam Rubin also recently reported that the Rays were close to pulling off a trade for Nick Franklin already, tweeting:
This could raise the ante for the Mets, who've publicly been hesitant to deal their better pitching prospects.  It remains to be seen what it will take, because any trade is likely still a few weeks from occurring.  The Mariners won't be inclined to trade Franklin until the season nears.  He currently provides the team depth, that they could need if one ore more members of the roster fall victim to injury.  Until then, we're left the speculate where this is all headed.

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