February 11, 2014

Give Zack Wheeler Opening Day

With only 48 days until Mets Opening Day in 2014 (but who's counting), Terry Collins and company have the imminent decision of who their number one pitcher will be on March 31st.

Traditionally the Mets have performed well to start the year, going 32-20 in 52 seasons. However, this year the odds may be against them, as they have a 1-2 all-time record in March, and a 1-1 record vs. the Nationals on Opening Day.

Jon Niese performed well last year, going 6.2 innings with only earned two runs allowed. Niese was chosen over Matt Harvey to start the season primarily due to the comparison in Major League service time, however, such an argument is not as impactful against Wheeler this season.

Zack Wheeler pitched 100 innings even last season, to a reasonable 3.42 ERA. As the original face of the Mets prosperous future Sandy Alderson has promised, it would be fitting for Wheeler to propel Mets fans into the beginning of that future.

I like the kid's stuff better against Strasburg's anyway.

(Stats via Baseball Almanac)

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