February 1, 2014

Terry Collins Crazy Talk

The Terry Collins media tour this week addressed all the team's remaining questions, and in normal Terry fashion, his answers had a few head scratchers as well. 

The first came by way of an Adam Rubin report that Eric Young Jr. was the front runner to be the team's lead off man this summer.  This is classic Collins and his "by the book" style of management, as history dictates that the fastest man on the team is also the leadoff hitter.  This would likely come at the expense of Juan Lagares who's offensive skill set often comes into question.  Lagares hit just .242 last season .281 OBP, compared to Young's numbers of .251 and .318 respectively.  And while Young is definitely a terror on the basepaths, Collins would be sacrificing his outfield defense for a player in Young, that was exposed last season by too much playing time.  I love Eric Young and what he brings to the team.  He provide Collins so many options off the bench with the abilities he does have, but that's where he should spend the majority of his time, on the pine.

The second dumbest thing to leave Collins' mouth this week was during an interview with SNY, in which he referenced the continuation of the idea that Lucas Duda will see time in the Mets' outfield.  As it stands right now, Duda would be the teams fifth outfielder at best.  Sure, he might prove to be a platoon candidate with someone like Chris Young, who struggles against right handed pitching, but would you really place Duda and his shotty defense out there as opposed to Eric Young Jr.?  Certainly Duda provides a power threat that Young Jr. cannot, but at what expense?  I can appreciate the fact that the Mets might want to find a place for Duda, who was led to believe he would be the starting first baseman this season, but if the team retains Ike Davis as it appears they will, then Duda should start the year in Las Vegas..not costing the Mets runs in Queens because they feel bad for him.

I like Collins.  I genuinely think he was the right guy for the job the past few seasons, and while the "by the book" approach he takes to everything infuriates me throughout the season, I recognize that it was very hard for the organization to hold him directly accountable for the team's lack of results.  Its for that reason it didn't surprise me when his contract was extended.  Yet, the situations he describes above are destined for failure.  He's never had the horses before (and still may not now), so to keep repeating the same mistakes will become frustrating very quickly.


  1. Why can't these guys just learn to keep their mouths shut??? I will never understand why this organization can't think before they speak???

  2. Collins is is clueless and his comments tells you why. But these are the Mets and being stupid and clueless is part of the qualifications for any job within the organization.

  3. Let me see if I understand you.

    You want Terry to let EY know now that he'll be on the bench - instead of challenging him to improve his OBP as an avenue to to substantial playing time.

    And you want him to tell Duda that if Ike is the first baseman, Duda can expect to be sent down - instead of trying to keep avenues open to the major league team for him. 

    Maybe that would be more honest, but I don't think we can call it stupid for a manager to keep all options open going into spring training.  Nor is it stupid to try to give players hope that if they work and improve, their fortunes could rise.