February 27, 2014

Mets Don't Have What The Diamondbacks Want

Seattle's Nick Franklin isn't the only shortstop who could find his way onto the trade market before Opening Day, the Arizona Diamondbacks also have a pair of young shortstops, Chris Owings and Didi Gregorius.  Before the seasons starts, its likely that one of them will find their way to Triple-A.  The other option, which Arizona General Manager Kevin Towers didn't complete dismiss, is that one will be traded.

Towers told Nick Piecoro of AZCentral that a trade is a possibility, but "it would have to be the right deal."  Towers went on to outline that Arizona's biggest need in its minor league system is catching.  As a result, a "top-notch catching prospect" would be their ideal take in any trade for either Owings or Gregorius.  That's a problem for the Mets, as they won't be trading Travis d'Arnaud and Kevin Plawecki is yet to reach even Double-A.  This could leave the Mets on the outside looking in, if another team were to come calling that has the goods.

Towers also went onto say that a front-end starter, who could slot into their rotation at either Double-A or Triple-A could be an option.  So too could be an outfield prospect, although that is less likely.  These are the areas where the Mets might be able to make a run, as the system is deep with starting pitching.  However, with Noah Syndergaard understandably untouchable, the Mets aren't inclined to trade Rafael Montero.  That to may limit their possibilities with Arizona.

Its also worth noting that the Mets and Diamondback did talk during the Winter Meetings, but were unable to gain any traction in trade talks.  This is just another situation worth monitoring as Spring Training moves along.  My guess is Nick Franklin is more likely, but things have a way of changing in baseball.


  1. I wouldn't trade Syndergaard(and neither will the mets) but I would trade Montero and just about anybody else in the minors for Owens! Whats the point
    of having all this great young pitching in the minors if you won't trade any of it?
    I know you can never have enough pitching but their is such a thing called over
    kill after all you can't pitch them all in the majors! The old saying is true you have to give up something to get something but the mets are not willing to give
    up anything! They don't have any great SS prospects ready to come up anytime
    soon so they really need to make a trade or sign Drew because Tejada isn't going to cut it! Even at his best like two years ago he hit 1 hr and drove in 30 rbis and on a team that needs all the offense it can get he is a waste! I hope
    Flores can prove everbody wrong at SS because his bat is exactly what they need but if not the mets need to do something that does not include trading Syndergaard!!