February 24, 2014

Ike Davis Needs To Put His Head Down, Play Ball

Ike Davis, as you have heard by now, has run into a bit of media trouble, and not for the first time. He seems to have developed a little bit of a set of rabbit ears with how he is written and spoken about in the papers and on the radio. Here is audio of Davis' confrontation with Mike Puma, the reporter who wrote the article concerning Ike keeping an oblique strain from team management:

Frankly, coming off of his last few awful seasons, this is the last type of attention that Ike needs.He should be focused on playing ball, improving his swing, and not striking out 200 times. It seems like a story that replays itself over and over again, especially in New York: athletes have nothing to gain from confronting a reporter. They control the message, and the player doesn't. Befriend the media. Frankly, a player with a better rapport with the writers probably never even has this story come out.

Times like this I wonder if Davis just isn't a player who can prosper in New York.


  1. No sport writer seems to want to mention that Puma's interview with Ike was under the understanding that Ike's injury was off limits in the interview. He didn't want it to be an excuse ( injury ) adding , the reason he was bad was because he sucked ! So he blew up. Probably rightfully so. Guy comes to SP early, aware of the trade talks, and he gets creamed by a very prejudice sport writing crew who obviously "stick together ". You guys sure know how to hit a guy when he's down. Why not lay off Ike, let SP take its course. It becomes more and more apparent the writers don't like Ike with every passing word !

  2. Times like this I wonder if sports writing integrity is there anymore,