February 11, 2014

Ruben Tejada Not at Mets Camp Yet...

Even though the off season hasn't been quite as exciting as I hoped it would be we are getting close to being back to baseball. In watching various blog sites and Twitter there are lots of pictures and video of various Mets who have already arrived to camp. The captain is there leading the usual suspects that often arrive early like Ike, Niese, Parnell, Murph, and Wheeler just to name a few. You also have a group of the younger players who are trying to maybe gain that edge into making the team this year out of camp like Matt den Decker, Jacob DeGrom, and Jack Leathersich.

It's being reported that overall there are 60 players who were there this morning for the voluntary work out. Some players are here early to work out some kinks in their swing (Ike Davis) or are battling back from injury (Parnell) while some are just there to get the extra work in and show their off season work to the coaching staff.

So where is Ruben Tejada? I asked a few bloggers in the know if they had any idea when he might report. None of them have even heard as to when. Could he still be at fat camp? Maybe visa issues? I completely understand that this is voluntary but wouldn't it occur to him or anyone else that he might want to have himself front and center nose pressed up against the glass begging to get in the door? It seems like he is clueless as to how the off season went with regards to SS. The front office started out by saying that SS was a primary area for improvement. They couldn't land Peralta nor make a trade for someone else and getting Drew on their terms isn't happening. Maybe his arrogance has him thinking he doesn't have to do anything extra because essentially there is nobody else and the Mets surely aren't going to start Quintanilla. Who knows but it's not like 2013 was a banner season for him and fat camp alone isn't going to cut it. There is good reason I have no business being near a front office because I would just sign Drew for whatever ridiculousness he wants and can Tejada. If only we could swap these uniforms.
Photo courtesy of: espn.go.com
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  1. Remember the Mets didn't bring him up by the one-day cutoff which, in-turn, reduced his salary for the upcoming year.

    The Mets didn't break any rules, of course, but he must be bitter. Probably doesn't want to do the Mets any "favors", even though it would probably be in his best interest.

    Anyone would have to be a little bitter about that.

  2. Agreed on the bitterness. I finally heard from Cerrone that he is still at fat camp until the end of the week. The question will be how long it takes him to show up to camp after that.