November 27, 2013

Front Office Failure: Tejada Could Be The Opening Day ShortStop

In an absolutely incredible yet comically predictable turn of events, Sandy Alderson conceded that Ruben Tejada could be the Mets starting shortstop on opening day.  The Mets failed to sign Jhonny Peralta, who was their top target per multiple reports, and now find themselves with precious few options to upgrade the position for next season.

The Mets won't go after Stephen Drew who will not only be more expensive than Peralta (4yrs/$53MM), but will also cost a draft pick.  That leaves either a trade or a low budget signing that is sure to send the fan base into a frenzy.

The story here shouldn't be that Tejada may get a chance at redemption, it should be that the front office failed.  They bad mouthed Tejada throughout 2013, sent him through an offseason nutrition program, yet will be forced to bring him in to fill the need at short because they can't manage to do better.

Tejada will turn just twenty-four this season and will be looking to rebound from a very disappointing 2013 campaign that saw him bat just .202 while appearing in just 57 games.  On the verge of being demoted to the minors, Tejada injured his quad and landed on the disabled list.  He would be banished to Las Vegas where he would bat a much more respectable .288, but couldn't find his way back into Sandy Alderson's good graces, delaying his call up until September 11th.  He would play in just seven games before his season was ended by a broken leg.

Despite the fact that most fans have made up their minds on Tejada, the jury should remain out.  The issue remains that even if he returns to form, which may be unlikely due to what the organization has deemed work ethic issues, he is basically a singles hitter.  He does nothing to fill the team's power void, which the front office has said is an additional priority this winter.  There is no way around it, Tejada's second chance at success will be the result of his front office's failure to replace him.


  1. Somebody shoot me now!! Better yet shoot the front office and the Wilpons!
    At this point give Flores and Tovar a chance to compete with Tejada for the
    SS job, at least with Flores they will get 70+ rbi's from the SS position and he
    can't play a lot worse defense than Tejada, but the mets are just not that creative!! Move Murphy to first, move E Young to 2nd, and put Flores at SS
    then sign Granderson and with Young in RF the mets might just be a 500 team?

    1. Scouting on Flores unanimously says he doesn't have the range for second, nevermind shortstop. There is also no guarantee he puts up the numbers you suggest. You can't make any definitive judgments based on the handful of MLB ABs he's had. Furthermore, the lineup change you suggest strips even more power from the lineup. Whether it be Ike or Duda left at 1B, the 15-20 HRs you hope to get cannot be removed from the lineup in an effort to slot a questionable rookie in at short.

      Re: Tejada's Defense.. He was awful early last year, there is no two ways about it, but in 2012 he was an excellent defensive shortstop. Which is reality? I think the biggest detriment to Tejada's future at short is actually the fact that he's only a singles hitter.

    2. Rob Flores has proven in the minors that he can hit! Did you not watch him last year he will hit and even though he's not a power hitter he will drive in 70-90 rbi's and hit 15-20 hr's while hitting 270-300 and no matter what he will hit a lot better and drive in a lot more runs than Tejada! If he can't play SS or 2nd base than let him compete for first with Duda!