October 5, 2013

Effing Round Table: What Is The Mets Most Pressing Offseason Need?

With the offseason upon us, it remains clear that the New York Mets have plenty of needs to address this winter.  Outfield, Shortstop, First Base, Pitching... Which is most important..and why?

Tim O'Brien:
The Mets most pressing offseason need is to not do anything stupid.  The Wilpon's have a history of caving to public pressure and the fans are certainly laying it on thick to make a big signing this offseason.  I say stay the course, don't overpay, let the kids develop one more year...then try to strike while the iron is hot (we aren't winning the World Series in 2014).  Unless of course you can get Stanton.

Craig Petraglia:
The Mets have a lot of holes to fill heading into the 2014 season but Sandy Alderson and the front office have a lot of money coming off the books that they can spend on free agents.  The most pressing need for the Mets to fulfill heading into 2014 Opening Day is protection behind David Wright in the lineup.  With the Captain hitting third, if Sandy can bring in a dangerous hitter, no matter the position, whether that be an outfielder or first basemen, Wright will see better pitches to hit and can be even more of an asset offensively.  it will be interesting to see how Sandy spends his money, as the Mets need an upgrade at the shortstop position, the corner outfield, as well as first base, but Mets fans are getting restless and it's time this front office spends money and rolls the dice in order to make a pennant run in the upcoming season.

Rob Patterson:
The Mets have a lot of problems, but none more pressing than the team's outfield.  The departure of Marlon Byrd left an unexpected hole that must be filled..especially if there is an intention to see Juan Lagares as the everyday center fielder.  The Mets need bats..power bats.  Bats that can round out the middle of the lineup and make up for the light hitting players like Lagares, Murphy and d'Arnaud.  Those players are available, via both free agency and trade, and the team's front office needs to find a way to make it happen!

Jason Wilson:
Corner outfielder who can bring the wood to the yard. Why? Because they need it and the run production was noticeable when Marlon Byrd left.

Kieran Flemming:
The Mets' most pressing offseason issue is adding a bat or two that can hit for power. I know how much the organization values on base percentage, but the lineup desperately needs more pop. Be it at first or in the outfield, that is where the team needs the most help.

Bryan Damis:
We are beating a dead horse here but the Mets need power. Plain and simple. David Wright has power to the deepest part of the park and that's not going to work. With such a poor home record comparably to a respectable road record, the Mets need a power hitter who can pull the ball to the shorter parts of the park.

Seth Shapiro:
Power.  Power.  Power.  Particularly a left handed power bat to hit either in front of or behind David Wright.  The two names that come to mind are either Carlos Gonzalez of the Colorado Rockies or Jose Abreu, the free agent slugging first baseman from Cuba.  While I prefer Gonzalez because he is the proven commodity, the thought of acquiring power in Abreu without giving up any prospects or players from the major league club is quite enticing.

Wow! That was pretty much unanimous... Do you agree? Is acquiring a power bat the order of the day, or do the Mets have other areas to address first? Let us know in the comment section.

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  1. On some level I suppose this is a copout but very generally what I think it's most important for the Mets to do this off season is add two viable major league everyday players.

    Exactly what type of players they add is less important to me. Do they need more power? Absolutely. But that can come later if it doesn't present itself now. What they need, in my opinion, is to have two more legitimate major leaguers in their lineup than they have right now. That will be a big step in the right direction.

    Whether it's via free agency, or trade, or a combination of those two, I don't care. Whether it's two corner outfielders, or a shortstop and a first baseman, I don't care. Two viable major league everyday players. Add that to the lineup and I'll be happy that I see progress toward fielding a contending team in the near future.