March 19, 2014

Matt Harvey Cares About Matt Harvey

Consider this a public service announcement: Matt Harvey isn't resigning with the New York Mets. The writing is already on the wall. Fans should make peace with it ahead of time. If it isn't the inability of the Mets to give him the $200 million dollar contract he covets, it will be the already developing rift between he and the organization.

As I'm sure you've heard by now, Harvey recently brushed off the organization's wishes that he lay low in the media. The next thing he intends to brush off is their wishes that he'll spend the season rehabbing in Florida. Does it really matter whether he throws from 90 feet..then 120 feet..then from a mound in New York as opposed to Florida? No. What matters are his motives.

What does New York City have that Port St. Lucie, Florida doesn't?  How about night life? Models? Most importantly, the New York media. Harvey's demand to rehab in New York has more to do with maintaining his lifestyle and his brand than it does about baseball. That may be fine for those of you who feel he's earned the right to rewrite the rule book, but I suspect it will be those same folks who'd line up to crucify him for a lack of concentration if he struggles upon his return. 

Matt Harvey justifiably shot to superstardom, but he's let it go to his head.  As it stands now, he has pitched just 237 innings, has a grand total of 12 career wins and a surgically reconstructed elbow to his name. There is no telling what he'll have left when he toes the rubber next spring (or later this summer if he has his ill-advised way).  My issue here isn't the idea of Harvey taking advantage of every luxury he's earned in the year and a half he's been in the bigs. It's the hope that he'll avoid the scrutiny that accompanies the growing pains associated with Tommy John surgery.

I expect this post and others remotely like it to be nearly unanimously rejected because its critical of the team's new crowned prince. I remember the backlash over a journeyman knuckleballer with a calm demeanor and an expansive vocabulary.  Fans who think the Mets needs to stop slandering their own are 100% correct.  Its a vicious cycle that needs to be stopped before it causes anymore damage, but this isn't the same.  The team isn't trying to protect itself in this instance, its trying to protect Matt from himself.

Like it or not, Matt Harvey should spend the season in Port St. Lucie with the rest of his teammates rehabbing from whatever ails them.  What will almost assuredly be another very long summer in the big city doesn't need to become the Matt Harvey show. The question remains will he have it any other way?  Will he do what's best for the team or what he thinks is best for Matt Harvey?  If he chooses the latter.. You can rest assured it's already the beginning of the end.

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  1. Very well said, Rob. The only one Harvey cares about is himself - brand, attention, money, being clubhouse king, "mentoring" the young pitchers barely younger than he lest they exceed his shine, big league experience and steal the attention.

    Here His Harvey Contradicting Himself -

    "“I want to do what’s best for the organization and best for the rehab process. For me, I’ve made it clear where I stand. I think everybody knows I want to be with the team and be with the guys. New York is my home. I love being there. I love showing up to the ballpark every day. If I have that opportunity, then that’s where I’d like to be."

  2. I hate you Rob. Your opinion sucks and so do the Mets! #SarcasmFont

    As long as Horowitz and the Wilpons are running the PR show, this is going to be a nightmare. I bet they didn't give Gooden, Straw, and Hernandez a hard time about coming to the park high. It's all about winning and that fixes everything.

    1. You're SO right. The Wilpons are becoming like Jim Dolan, determined to keep players tight-lipped. As far as Jay Horowitz goes, he's a puppet and an idiot. I don't like the whole lot of them, especially Sandy Alderson who is totally useless.

  3. Yes, well said, Rob. I've always thought Matt's time with the Mets is limited, realizing (especially with Scott Boras as his agent) that he'll probably end up as a Yankee. He seems to worship them and now with friction between he and the front office, I definitely believe he won't spend his career in Flushing. The former ace of our pitching staff, Johan Santana, did all his rehab in Port St. Lucie, which is designed to be for rehabbing injuries. I've got to say, though, since Harvey's surgery I haven't seen much of him in the newspapers on non baseball-related stuff. So whatever nightlife you think he may be addicted to, he's keeping it on the DL.

  4. He's a mediocre pitcher. Exciting and fun to watch, sure. But wins losses and complete games are what really count, not strikeout or dramatic nose picking resulting in bloody noses. I said it last season too, and I stand by my opinion. Let the Mets trade him and get a quality player instead of a mediocre fame whore.

  5. He should be allowed rehab were he wants and feels comfortable. The team shouldn't try and hide him the media and she should be allowed to speak freely to the media.

    The growing rift between Harvey and the organization is real. The Mets and Harvey have been at odds before it started when it came to his being promoted and wanting to start the season at the big league level. Now I'm sure some of the conflicts between Harvey and the Mets are a product of his agent.

    They can be over playing his hand as you truly never know how he will come back this.

    As a Mets fan I never anticipate them retaining players it's just not the MO of the organization. Yes they did retain Wright but how many others have they let walk away.

  6. are all so misled. Especially the anonymous poster who says MAtt Harvey is mediocre...What?????? Matt Harvey is all about winning. PERIOD!!!!! The guy leaves it on the field every start. He has the potential to throw multiple no hitters in NY, if he could relax. By Relax, I mean not having to win every game by himself. How many no decisions has he had to suffer through in NY in his brief time in the majors? How many times did one run cost him a win. He has shown that he has he stuff to be the ace for a long time, but he needs what every pitcher needs BACKUP!!! This guy is a beast, an absolute beast! And he may rub some people the wrong way, but let one World Series come our way via the arm of Matt Harvey and all the other pitching studs plus the bats of Wright, Granderson, Lagares, Murphy, E. Young, and Quintanilla...all the naysayers will forget Harvey's antics and realize he is the real deal, Savior of Gotham, the Dark Knight!!!

  7. Lime-lite Matt...hey guy's over here...Mets? what Mets no story there. It's about ME! let's sing, I's only me, give us a break do your rehab the way the people who pay your salary wants. Get healthy and do your thing