March 25, 2014

How Will It End? (Part 2)

6.  Which of the following will record the first regular season win amongst the Mets starting pitchers in 2014? (2 pts)

A. Jonathan Niese
B. Zack Wheeler
C. Dylan Gee
D. None of the above

7.  When will the 2014 Mets win their 40th regular season game? (2 pts)

A. Before June 16, 2014
B. On or after June 16, 2014 but before July 4, 2014
C. On or after July 4, 2014, but before the All-star game
D. After the All-Star game
E. They won't win 40 games

8.  How many Mets will be on the 2014 National League All-Star team? (2 pts)

A. Fewer than 2
B. 2
C. 3
D. More than 3

9.  Which statement best describes the managerial tenure of Terry Collins in 2014? (2 pts)

A. He will manage the Mets for the entire season, but be fired before the World Series
B. He will be fired before the All-Star break
C. He will be fired after the All-Star break, but before the end of the season
D. He will remain the manager through at least the first game of the World Series

10.  Who will be the first player on the Major League roster traded by the Mets during the 2014 regular season? (2 pts)

A.  A pitcher who does not start the season on the Opening Day roster
B. An infielder whose name is not Tejada or Davis
C. Tejada or Davis
D. Someone who plays an outfield position
E. None of the above

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