March 8, 2014

Wright's Slow Start No Accident

David Wright, who has appeared in fewer preseason games than we have grown accustomed to so far this March, is doing so on purpose. This change to his routine comes after a few seasons in which he suffered nagging type injuries, including to the oblique, and he's hoping a new approach can change that for 2014. 

From Mike Vorkunov of the Star Ledger:
"I’m a lot more prepared now than I have been in recent spring trainings and I think I’ll actually get a little more out of it," Wright said. "As I’ve mentioned before, to get the work in now, I wouldn’t be able to get it in if I were playing in games. I faced some of the minor league pitchers this week, I faced Bobby (Parnell) a few times. On top of that I get to go out there and work on things that I actually think are beneficial to me."
Just as the Mets are trying to keep Wright healthy, he is doing the same for himself. Last March, Wright missed 16 days because of a intercostal strain. Then, in the midst of another All-Star season, he went down for 48 days with a hamstring strain.
"It is a little strange because I’m very routine-oriented," he said. "Just like, on game day, if you give me a time, I can probably tell you where I’m at on a game day. I’m very scheduled and routine-oriented. Yeah, it’s a little difficult making the transition."
I mean, whatever works. Any long chance this team has of competing this year features Wright playing and performing at a high level all year, and if the thought is that this will prevent him from missing games than so be it. I hope they're right.

Can't have the Face of the MLB getting hurt.

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