March 21, 2014

Would Drew Be Ready To Play?

Less than two weeks from the start of the season and the Mets have yet to resolve their shortstop dilemma. Everything I read seems to indicate that the Mets' front office would prefer to make a trade for a young, controllable shortstop if that opportunity presents itself. In any event, free agent Stephen Drew provides a palatable backup plan. My question now remains when would he be ready?

Having remained unsigned, Drew has gone without the normal seasoning that leads up to the typical 162 game campaign. He hasn't had the benefit of real game situations to shake a winter of rust. More importantly. He hasn't faced Major League pitching in five months. 

If the Mets are forced to resort to signing Steven Drew, will he then have to report to Port St. Lucie for extended spring training? Such a situation could force Tejada into the everyday lineup for the first few weeks of the season..exactly what the Mets are trying to avoid. 

I'm not sure if this would be the case and I'm not saying it should impact the Mets' decision making process if it is. However, I think its a question worth asking.

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