March 6, 2014

Mets Pitchers To Bat 8th?

Terry Collins is on a roll with the media this Spring.  First there was the Eric Young Jr. over Juan Lagares nonsense.  Then there is the whole Jenrry Mejia to the bullpen debacle.  And now this... According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, Terry Collins is considering batting the pitchers 8th in the lineup this year.

Wait...what?  Collins justified his line of thought here:

“I think both [Wright and Curtis Granderson} are RBI guys.  My thought is: How 
do we get them more RBI chances and also give David, in particular, chances 
to drive in runs."

I suppose you shifting your second-worst hitter into the 9th spot in the lineup could more frequenly bring Wright and/or Granderson to the plate with runners on base.  However, its also just as likely (if not more so) in that set up that a rally started by the heart of the lineup will be prematurely ended because the pitcher comes to the plate sooner than normal.  Luckily, Collins isn't married to the idea quite yet.

"It is a possibility I might try. I don’t know that I will, but I might."

Terry Collins is the same guy who deemed Collin Cowgill and every day player, only to relegate him to the bench three days later.  What he says in spring holds little weight.  I just don't know why he falls victim to word vomit like this so frequently.  If Collin's has to really consider this, its a testament to how poor the lineup really is.  Subject a move might seem like creativity, but its simply desperation.  In any event, I highly doubt it happens.

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