March 15, 2014

Mets Can Still Pay Ike To Go Away

As spring training nears it's end, the Mets still have some internal decisions to make. One decision could be whether or not to retain the services of Ike Davis. Having spent the winter trying to trade him with no success, it was reported that the team could simply cut Davis and pay him 1/6th of his salary. That date, according to ESPN's Adam Rubin, has now passed. However, the team can still get out cheap if they want to, but making the same decision on or before March 26th and cutting him a check for 1/4th of his salary ($860,655.74).

The Mets have very little to go off of in making their decision.  Davis has now been hobbled by a calf injury for the majority of the Spring.  The team had hoped to get Davis close to 100 at-bats this pring in an effort to see if his swing had improved.  No such trial period exists at this point.


I'd be surprised to see the Mets cut Davis.  I don't think the team would limit its depth at first base just to save a little under $3 million dollars.  Doing so would leave the position to Duda, who has no proven track record at first in the major and has been known to make trips to the disabled list.  With Davis still having a minor league option, the team doesn't have to run the risk of passing him through waivers should the time come that he can't stay in the major league lineup again.  Finances aside, they still control his destiny so to speak.   If he can get back on the field in the next week and stay there, not only do I expect him to stay with the team, I expect him to be the Opening Day first baseman.

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  1. Ike was absymal the first few months of each of the last 2 seasons, resulting in "meaningful Met baseball" ending far earlier than it should have, with significant box office sales depression. They have to be extremely leery of that again. If ike is hot and healthy, I'd agree...if not, hello again, Las Vegas.