March 13, 2014

The Shortstop Issue........

The Shortstop Dilemma

I have to say “dilemma”, as Sandy HATES “situation” apparently.

So, before I spend a TON of words on this, let me say this…fans? 2014 is NOT going to be good. It’s just not. What do we know so far…………..

1. Harvey is OUT this year, despite him being Superman on twitter
2. Noah is NOT breaking camp with the team, despite being the second best SP option right now
3. 1st base is as convoluted and as mysterious as the end of the first season of Twin Peaks (look it up youngsters)
4. The Mets BEST option in CF AND leadoff is looked at as a 4-5th OF….all hail Eric Young JR!!!!
5. Who the HELL is manning SS???

While 1-4 are dumbfounding, #5 is what is on every fans lips…..

So let’s take a look at the options.

Status Quo part 1, Ruben is our guy
Let me channel Seth Myers here…….or the Miz if you are a WWE fan……….



Look, I am 42 years old, that’s OLD kids, but I am pretty confident that I could play a more competent SS than RT right now. And knowing that, even in HS, I could not hit a curveball, let alone stand in the box V. a 70mph fastball, I still think I am the better option. “Sink or Swim” has already happened. It is time to cut ourselves free of the Ruben Tejeda era. He can’t hit, hell, he can’t take a walk. And his defense has been awful.

Let’s give Flores a shot
Up until Tuesday, I was all for this. Limited range? Yup, who cares. Might bobble here and there? SURE! He will hit though. Look, I am not discounting this scenario as a whole. I THINK it could be a worst case scenario for the better. Flores is NEVER going to be Omar or Ozzie….or the kids of them….or the genetically spawned mirrors………but. And it is a BIG but, if he can hit, and get on base, lets say .280/.360….is It worth it? I am thinking……well, maybe…..

Trade for Nick Franklin
Another guy that, yes, has shown attributes that he can handle the SS job, but can he do so day to day? Scouting says (copyright Daniel Bryan) NO NO NO!!! But….I actually think he can. If you are an offense first SS, its ok if your range is not of an OZZIE level. Can you pick it? Can you move a BIT? And then, back end, can you put up something respectable from an AVG and an OBP standard. I think Nick can, but that is not my ultimate choice…

Trade for Chris Owings
This is a tricky one, as who knows if it is he or Didi that is available? BUT…..if it is Owings…..i am offering up anything on the farm whose first name doesn’t start with “Noah” nor end with “Syndergaard”. Everyone else? I love you, but you are in the mix. Plawecki, Nimmo, DeGrom…….MONTERO….yup, sorry, you are in the discussion. NOW, Arizona is not bereft of SP prospects, so Matz, DeGrom (and certainly the untouchable Thor) are probably not bandied about…..but top position prospects, where the Mets are kinda short, MIGHT be. But guess what? It is it for Chris Owings… I don’t care. Anyone, short of Noah, is on the table with AZ if that is an option. That includes KP, Nimmo and BS…..they are all far enough away that the Mets can reload.

Here is the deal in a nutshell…..this year, 2014, is going to be a breeding ground… year, with Harvey back, Wheeler a full year of work, Noah being Noah, Montero filling in the 5th spot……

Be patient Mets fans….and hope we find Jose’s replacement…….


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