March 24, 2014

Matt Harvey Will Rehab in NYC...and Also in FL

According to Adam Rubin Matt Harvey will begin his rehab assignment with the club in Queens. Once he is ready for live hitting, he will return to Florida. Per the CBA the Mets really couldn't do anything to prevent him from it and Harvey was kind enough to let the world know the rules to the media.

"After talking with my agent and the Players' Association and going over the CBA rules as a player, you have rights," Harvey recently said. "I want to do what's best for the the organization and best for the rehab process. For me, I've made it clear where I stand"

Well Matt, yes you have made it clear where you stand. But the reporter could have had a typo on the piece about what's best for the organization when in reality it reads like what's best for you. Also reads like he is too good for Florida. It's nice to know he is working very hard not only on his rehab but understanding his rights as a player.

I have to say I just don't get what is going through this guys head. Yes, he is a young superstar with a year and a half under his belt but why is it he seems to just want to go against the grain? Does he think this will do him any favors with the organization? If I owned a team and had this kind of crap going on constantly I am not sure what I would do. Pander to it? Or let him rehab, come back, ride him like a mule Dusty Baker style and trade him right before he finally blew again. His personality combined with Scott Boras is a bad mix.

Just for kicks, I looked up top pitchers returning from Tommy John and a few to name were Wainwright, John Smoltz, Chris Carpenter. I don't recall hearing this kind of noise telling the media what THEY were going to do and all were well into their careers. But I guess the argument is that they aren't the same personality. Still though, all had quite a bit more resume under their belts.

In the end, as another write on this site posted: Matt Harvey cares about Matt Harvey.
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