March 14, 2014

Ruben Tejada: By The Numbers

They say numbers don't lie and while I don't believe that's always the case, here is a raw, yet brutal look at Ruben Tejada.

-.9:  Tejada was nearly a game worse than an average replacement player in 2013 (WAR).

0:  The percentage chance Tejada should enter the season as the Mets starting shortstop.

1:  The number of hits Tejada has posted thus far this spring in 15 at-bats.

2:  The number of homeruns Tejada has hit..ever.

3:  The number of errors Tejada has committed in just six games this spring.

42.5:  The average number of days Tejada has spent on the disabled list the past two years.

114:  The highest number of games Tejada has played in any one season.

$1.1 Million:  The amount Tejada will be paid by the Mets this season whether he starts or not.


Look, I like Tejada more than most.  I genuinely believe he's much better than the .202 campaign he put up in 2013.  Between 2011 and 2012, Tejada hit .287 over 792 at-bats.  I'm inclined to believe that isn't a fluke.  That was Tejada at his best.  A singles hitter who plays average defense.  The Mets shouldn't be looking to start that type of player, assuming he returns to form (which looks unlikely).  My guess is the past 12 months have shattered Tejada's confidence.  The team has been hard on him and his performance has suffered.  He may never recover, but even if he does he shouldn't be the team's starting shortstop in 2014.  Its that simple.


  1. Unlike Rob I tend to believe that Tejada played over his head and he is a .200 to .220 hitter who plays average to below average defense. He lacks power, speed and doesn't hit for a high average or drive in runs. The Mets always seem to be searching for offense and they cannot afford to carry a player like Tejada. They need to put the best 8 guys on the field and if that means paying Drew or trading an unproven pitching prospect so be it.

  2. The numbers DON'T lie Rob. He is bad. REALLY REALLY bad.