March 3, 2014

Mets Lose First Three Spring Games... Mets Fans Panic

Twitter has been real active now that Spring Training has started. It's a great thing until you realize how annoying so many people on Twitter are.  Predictably there's plenty of negativity surrounding the 0-3 start this spring. I will admit that aside from some nice pitching debuts from young studs and a few home runs from crappy first basemen, there hasn't been much to be excited about. But...

This post is to remind all you Debbie Downers that spring training games do not count toward the teams record. The definition of an exhibition game as per acclaimed and mostly accurate online encyclopedia Wikipedia reads as follows: "An exhibition game (also known as a demonstration, a friendly, a warm up match, a preparation match, or in some contexts a scrimmage) is a sporting event whose prize money and impact on the teams rankings is either zero or greatly reduced." 

Well there you have it. Spring training is a group of games that are used to get back into shape, to learn and to try new things. So many people are fired up over losing three games in which David Wright and Daniel Murphy haven't even played. The three games were started by guys competing for the fifth spot in the rotation and the games have been finished by guys starting the season in AA. 

Mets Twitter needs to take a Xanax and settle down. Guys are going to suck in the spring. Pitchers are going to work on pitches they spent the offseason developing to see if they are worth using in the season. They're gonna get hit around. Batters are going to try and get comfortable again and tinker with their batting stances. They're going to strike out. Fielders are breaking in new mitts. They're going to drop balls. You can start your panic on April 3rd if they're 0-3. Until then, be happy you're watching any kind of baseball right now considering we got 300 inches of snow this winter. 

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