April 12, 2014

10 Games In, 86 Wins To Go...

After 10 games what have we learned about this year's edition of the New York Mets?  On the positive side they have some fight in them as evidenced by a few comeback wins in Atlanta, Juan Lagares may prove to be the real thing after all and needs to play every day.  EY Jr. is off to a good start and that is cause for optimism.  The team is 4-6 and neither Wright or Granderson have done anything significant.

On the negative side, this team is still very sloppy defensively, the bullpen may be a Jekyll and Hyde act and who the hell is the first baseman?  This team has hamstrung its roster by carrying three, yes three, first basemen when they could have a more traditional utility player and maybe another bullpen arm if and only if they pick an every day guy at first.

It's been an uneven start and the concerns about this teams ability to play at home have caused concern.  The Mets are one of ten teams last year that had a winning road record but the only one to finish under .500 and one of three that didn't make the playoffs.  The disparity between home and away records is stark at best and needs to be corrected if this group ever has a chance at competing.

While I have enjoyed the last few series, watching as many of the players seem to have gotten their feet under them I still wonder if a trade including one of the first basemen for another bat or solid bullpen arm would help solidify some weaknesses as well as eliminate the uncertainty swirling around the starting nine.

I'm happy to see they haven't laid down and died in the first two weeks but I also want to see some aggressive and proactive moves by the front office in an attempt to improve in-season.  We may be "stacked" with pitching but if the offense cannot consistently produce runs we will see more wasted starts which has been an all too prevalent problem over the last five years.

Compete, by all means, win more than 74 games, please.  All these things aside, please, please, please improve this f@#*ing offense!!  Trade someone, somewhere and get someone back that can add depth to this lineup and protect Wright and Granderson.

It's only been 10 games yet it has felt like a full season already.

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