April 19, 2014

Ike Trade Is The Best Thing For Everyone

Well, it was going to happen at some point, and now it has.

With a PTBNL that is expected to be more significant than the first piece coming to the Mets, relief pitching prospect Zack Thornton, we really can't weigh the success of this deal even initially. It seemed like there were stronger offers this spring than a couple of minor prospects, but again, we don't know yet.

Ike was a popular guy in the clubhouse, but the situation had become untenable. Three players trying to shuffle around at first base is a waste of at least a spot on the roster, with Satin unlikely to see any time elsewhere on the field. Ike and Duda, neither of whom seemed to hold any personal animosity toward one another, simply could not co-exist on this team. So, much as I would have liked to see Ike come back in a big way with the Mets, it had become impossible. One of them had to go, and as Ike said yesterday, it looked like it was going to be him for about 8 months. I hope he does do well, and think a smaller market may benefit him mentally.

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  1. Sorry to see Ike go. He was a class act right thru to the last interview, unlike some of the Mike Puma and company articles mercilessly written about Ike. I hope he finds his nitch with the Pirates and does well with them for years to come.Good luck Ike.