August 29, 2013

Stay The Course

Well, this is perfect timing for my first post on a new blog. If I had been asked to contribute in the first few days following Matt Harvey's injury it would have probably sounded like the rantings of a madman. Now, it will only sort of seem that way. Look, we are all devastated. We all want to feel entitled to rant only the way us battered Mets fans can. However, I just can't get on board with the the hoards of trolls I've witnessed on twitter and other social media that are tearing apart management for "mishandling" the situation. I also have to laugh at the unrealistic requests to speed up the development of Noah Syndergaard or Rafael Montero in order to replace Harvey's production. For instance:

@Metsfan71665: Bring up Syndergaard! We can make the playoffs

@Harvey4Prez5467: Montero and Syndergaard now!

                                           Photo by Michael Baron

Ok, I made those up, but you see my point.

Look, I'm as disappointed as you are in Harvey's injury. While I can sit here and stew and think that the future of the organization is now in ruins, I just can't. The calls to rush the future are unwarranted and will probably wind up screwing everything up more than we'd ever expect. There is a process in place here; and whether or not you want to place your trust in Sandy and management, we at least have to be rational enough to place some faith in this process.

Pitchers get hurt, it's inevitable. Throwing a baseball is a violent motion not meant for the human body. Sure, your grandfather or even your father will probably tell you a stories about their favorite pitcher who threw 300 innings for 16 years straight.  Yet, I wonder what the quality of life of those guys was past age 50. Sounds like a recipe for crippling arthritis and alcoholism to me.

We may not see Matt Harvey until 2015. Mentally prepare yourselves for this. Until then, it doesn't mean that management should alter the way they are handling the rest of the young talent, especially the pitchers. And it certainly doesn't mean the franchise is doomed. Or maybe it does, in which case, we're looking for contributors.

Welcome to Effing Mets.

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